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I’m a complicated, wild and crazy girl. I’m a Katie girl…That scares a lot of people. It scared a lot of men. But I found one…and I love him more than anything. I’m passionate about the things I love. My husband and daughter, my pets, tattoos, Pearl Jam, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Alexander Skarsgård, Eddie Vedder, Christian Kane, Jensen Ackles and Tom Hardy. I’m gluten free, bipolar and a little neurotic. I’m an artist and a writer.

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Banner by: UseYourIllusionII on Deviant Art.

My favorite color is Pink.
My favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Rocky Horror, Fried Green Tomatoes and Legends of the Fall.
My favorite TV Shows are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Leverage and Angel(yes I know the later two are not on anymore).
My favorite Doctor is Ten.
My favorite animals are all of them….I love animals.
My favorite food is Chinese.
My favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer.
My favorite Ice Cream is Grandma’s Cake Batter from Tillamook Creamery or Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk.
My favorite band is Pearl Jam, followed closely by AFI and Bon Jovi.
My favorite singers of all time are Christian Kane, Shawn Mullins, Pink and Prince.
My favorite song of all time would have to be Track 29 by Christian Kane(I have my favorite lyric tattooed on my forearm.)
My favorite place is Cannon Beach, OR.
My favorite book is The Bird Artist by Howard Norman.
My favorite poet is Jim Morrison followed by Michael Madsen(yes, the actor).

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Also, I am in this music video, it was a blast to film!!! 🙂