Not amused in the slightest…

So…I did completely lose my story. I am so upset about that. I will have to start from scratch. It’s so frustrating, but I guess that’s just something writers have to deal with. I need to find someway to back files up, so if a computer crashes, I don’t lose my work again.

I was able to find a good chunk of music I had just by DLing iTunes again.

We went to the library today and I got a card for myself. Lived in Salem 3 years now and I just now got a library card…how sad is that? lol I got 5 CDs which I am currently importing into iTunes. So I can keep them…lol I also got 3 books, Miss Peregrine’s the first book of the series, and the first two in the True Blood series. ❤ I'm excited.

OMG, and I just found out via iTunes that AFI(A Fire Inside) one of my fave bands released a brand new album on Friday which I had not head about…ugh, I need it!!! lol I love Davey Havoc!!! I just previewed the new album, and OMG, it's like a throw back to my favorite AFI album, Sing The Sorrow! I am sooooo excited!!!

I do not want to go back to work tomorrow. I am not ready for another clusterfuck week. UGH. And Kevin gave me another hint that Kurtis is planning to change my schedule *soon*. lol He doesn't know how to keep secrets very well…lol I was a little iffy when I met Kevin at first, but I actually like him a lot. Of course, no one is Jess, but he's a nice guy just the same. I will always love my Jess and I still miss him terribly. We had fun together! We do text each other still and talk on the phone every so often.

I have been terribly light headed since about 5pm, so I guess I'm gonna go lay down and start reading one of my new books. I think I'll start with True Blood.


P.S. We are dog sitting, our friend's black lab, Bailey. She is so big and sweet and cuddly! Makes me want a big dog. First time we watched her I told her daddy I was keeping her. lol


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