Our prison sentence is coming to an end…

We, the hubby and I, together have decided we cannot keep Keyton. He is going to go back and live with his Papa(my uncle) and my Grandma…

Him being in the house is not conducive to Chyann getting better. They hate each other, and that’s his fault for being a tiny little asshole to her all the time.

My marriage is crumbling under the stress of him being here on top of the stress of trying to get Chyann better. And we get no help from anyone.

I left college in 2005 because I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. In the last couple of months I have felt that coming on again and last night was a breaking point of either he goes or I get locked up …i can’t do this. The care and attention he needs is too great when my actual kid needs it too because she’s having her own mental breakdown.

I won’t let my marriage fail because of someone else’s fuck ups. He’s going back to them and we are washing our hands of it. If CPS gets called again we will not take him back in. They will do whatever they will do..

It may sound dickish, but my daughter, my marriage and mine and Jason’s sanity is more important than a kid who isn’t even mine who I didn’t have to take in and who has no interest in assimilating into our family.

I think he will be thrilled to go back to them. He may miss us, but I think it will make him happy to be alone and the center of attention again. That’s what he wants, and why he hates Chyann because she takes focus away from him. He cannot handle not being paid attention to. I am not even allowed to watch a show in peace because he isn’t getting paid attention to. It’s horrible! His behavior is ridiculous and he has been grounded for like 6 weeks already, with no end in site.

I just can’t do this. I feel somewhat better knowing it’s coming to an end, but I won’t feel completely better until he is out of my house!


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