We are Dobby…

And Master has given us a sock…

That implies exactly what you think it does. Keyton is gone. And we are finally going to get back to our regularly scheduled lives. The move went fine, he took it well and I believe is going to be the happiest kid ever now.

We saw Ace Frehley the other night and it was a pretty awesome show. I wore my new Ace Frehley shirt yesterday and while we are dropping Keyton off, my uncle is there to see him before he has to go back to work. He says to me, “Since when are you an Ace Frehley fan?”
I wanted to snap back at him, “like you would know anything I’m a fan of right now. Considering the giant dick you’ve been to me for a year and a half. You really shouldn’t pretend to know anything about me anymore.” Instead I was polite and just said I saw him last night.

So I have made up my mind about my tattoo of Tabby Lu. I kept trying to add more detail but kept coming back to this really simple drawing of her face. I did this last night and then I want to have her eyes and nose done in that watercolor style. Her eyes were greenish gold and her nose was kind of a salmon color…like orangish pink. I love this drawing so much because I just see her squishie little face staring out at me from it.

 photo IMG_20170211_211219.jpg

I am laying in bed still… Considering getting up and starting chores. I am just so exhausted…its going to take a while for me to recoup.

Oh and if you have Netflix and like weird… You should totally start that new Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant show “Santa Clarita Diet”. It is fantastic!


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