So this might come through a little disjointed I’m doing voice to text while I’m driving to work but what I wanted to do was blog about this really bizarre dream that I had last night cuz I never remember my dreams because of my medication that I take so the fact that I had this really divid dream was crazy so it started in present day and it was a family mom dad daughter who was like I don’t know 15 and a little boy who was probably seven or eight and the little boy walks through a portal where on one side the portal is present day and then the other side its back in some War and see I don’t really know a lot about wars because I slept through most of my history classes in school so it’s not something I’m really knowledgeable about so he ends up in this war time and he can’t go back though the portal it’s only one direction so he’s missing and his family has no idea where he’s gone what happened they just you know they woke up or whatever and he was gone and he is missing for like years and they keep looking for him and finally they discover that there’s a portal and he traveled back in time so they go back to this war time but by then it’s been like years so the war is over but the kids still there and now he’s like 16 17 years old and they go back and they they they don’t know that that’s where he is but they think that’s where he is and so they go there and they start asking around and one thing that was kind of funny is that the dad asked but as he would ask he would introduce himself and he introduced himself as Jim Hankinson which is one of my drivers at work only the guy didn’t look like my driver he looks like this like bit-part actor that I don’t know the name of but I know his face so he introduces himself you know says I’m looking for my son who’s been missing for years and show the picture of him from when he was a kid and so they go around for a long time looking like I don’t know a week and they finally find him and that’s when I woke up so I have no idea if they got back to present day or not but at least they found him it’s just really weird because I never remember my dreams anymore and I think that’s because like I said of my bipolar medication it might be the citalopram and so they just they don’t stick everyone dreams at night regardless of whether or not you remember it that’s what REM sleep is and so it’s like they’re there I just can’t recall them and by the time I woke up this morning I had forgotten the dream but then I remembered it when I was getting out of the shower so I was like I need to blog this because I never remember them and man it was so vivid like I was there vivid


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