Welcome back to WordPress…

I feel so stifled on other sites…but I still wanted a new blog that started this year…couldn’t import anything because I was using LJ and Dreamwidth, and LJ wouldn’t work and dreamwidth has no options…so I copied and pasted all the important posts since January 1st, 2017. Ugh, it took like 2 hours.

I love this layout and everything though…I totally made it my own and it’s totally Doctor Who themed…of course, because I’m obsessed.

If you’re finding me and interested in being buds…add me and we can be friends… 🙂 I love making new friends. Or hit me up with a message or comment anytime.

It’s late though and I need to get to bed, so I am going to cut this one short. I will be back with more important stuff…probably tomorrow.



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