YouTube made sure I saw this gem…

Apparently I must watch a lot of Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder videos on YouTube…who knew? lol So I got a notification to my phone for this video…I watched it 3 times and laughed so goddamned hard I went into an asthmatic coughing fit…lol


Thank you YouTube!!!

I shared it with my daughter because she had to know what was so funny and then when she had stopped laughing her ass off, I said, “My view of Eddie has been shattered, he is just as big of an idiot as your dad!” lol But in reality, I love him to death and my view couldn’t be shattered, I was just introduced to another facet of his silly side.

I had to pass this gem on for everyone else…lol


On a side note, I strained the bejesus out of my left thumb and the pain is throbbing all the way up my arm. I was holding a heavy basket of keys at work, and I think that’s what strained it…the way I was holding them. So, of course, I’m dying…lol


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