Miss Piggy…

This dog is my muse! Lol I love her so much. She helped heal my heart after I lost my Tabby Lu.

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This is a pic of my beloved Tabby Lu. She was a wonderful little Maine Coon who adopted me at the shelter. I stopped walking around and she stood tall and stretched up my leg with a little meow that said “pick me pick me!” and I did. She was my best friend for a wonderful 10 years and I was so blessed to be her hooman!

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My puppy got a feature…

So I subscribe to barkpost’s daily newsletter. I replied to the email on Monday because the featured dog was just like my Pearl Piggy… So I said that and sent an adorable pic of her. I got today’s email and she was featured in it. A special on dogs with their tongues out. Lol

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Tabby Lu…

My husband and I wrote this for our sweet little angel after she passed over the rainbow bridge…i had it on an old blog and the tenclub forums. I wanted to share it here so I don’t lose it.


I am Tabby Lu and I died today. It may be a sad thing but do not be sad for me as I had a fufilling, happy life with my family! It began in a shelter where I had decided I was going to pick my new owner. She did not know it but I targeted her the moment she walked in! I followed her around and every time she stopped I stood up and informed her of my selection and our lives began from there!

I have been on adventures too! I flew on a plane across the country to Kentucky, where I got to live with my Great Grandparents. Returned home to Oregon on a LONG car trip but I loved every minute of it! Got to live with Grandma and her fur baby for a time as well! Mom met and married Dad and my human sisser Chyann, and I took them in too! Our family grew over time with the inclusion of the dog, Autzen, and the two boy cats, Eliot and Beans. We all got along fantastic and even played together before I got sick!

My illness, unfortunately, claimed my body before I was able to live out all of my elder years with my family. But the cancer cannot touch my soul or my love for my family, as that will never die! In my final days my parents made sure I was as comfortable as I could be, my furry family members stayed by my side offering me comfort and support, and these acts confirmed what I always knew……….I was not just adopted, I was part of the family!

They may be sad, upset, and angry I was taken too soon, but they need not worry! I live on in their thoughts and hearts never to be forgotten! This portion of my journey may be complete, but my next adventure is just beginning! Mom, Dad, Chyann, Autzen, Eliot, and Beans…………..I love all of you and want you to know I am OK………..I may not be there in the flesh, but I will always be with you!

I am Tabby Lu and I died today, but my family is with me always and will help me on my next adventure!