Hinder songs about Exes…

So my first love totally wrecked me…his name was Steven…I literally fell in love with him immediately after meeting him. I was a year older, and he was my best friend only for a really long time…kinda like that Taylor Swift song….lol And then I wrote him this letter after high school telling him how I felt about him because he was going into the marines and could have gone to war(which he did), and not made it back and I couldn’t let that happen without telling him everything. So after the letter…he decided he wanted to try being more…and it was going really well, for about a month and then he was set to leave for Afghanistan and freaked out….said he couldn’t go over there with a girlfriend because what if he didn’t come back, he would be too worried about all that, it crushed me…but I accepted it and told him that regardless of what we were to each other, I would be devastated if he didn’t make it back…but that I could wait. So I did….but I also moved to KY because of reasons I won’t go into here, and I talked to his sister from KY and she told me he was engaged. It hurt for so many reasons…I told him I would wait…he never mentioned seeing anyone, and he didn’t tell me himself when he got engaged. The day he got married I got trashed…probably the drunkest I have EVER been…I drank 3 bottles of Boones Farm by myself…my best friend, Tabatha drank with me as we lived together and she didn’t want me to drink alone. Eventually I got over it and moved on with other guys…but something else that hurts is that he let his new wife completely come between us as friends too. Like she didn’t want us to be friends…so I lost one of the best friends I’d ever had…this song just fits the night I found out they got married.

The first guy after him, Wyatt, well, I met him at the Hinder Concert, and we had a very torrid and volatile 6 month relationship…and even after I moved back to Oregon, he was obsessed with me, and couldn’t move on…even after I got married he cyber-stalked me and harassed me. ON MY WEDDING DAY he called me and begged me not to get married. Eventually I had to block him on FB, take my last name off my profile, and report him to FB for cyber-stalking. But this song fits because he said this to me right before I broke up with him….