Is your favorite band what brought you and your SO together? 

Not for me at all… we disagree on almosy all music, but we listen for different reasons. He listens for guitar riffs and solos and I listen for vocals and lyrics. I made this yesterday. Lol


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I feel good today, but I don’t feel like being at work…I feel like doing something fun…being out in the sun and warmth. Instead, I’m stuck in an office that is freezing and doesn’t even have any goddamned windows.


See that featured image…yeah that’s where I wanna be! Cannon Beach, the best damn place on earth!

I need a beach trip!!!

It doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this…

This man is my savior…Pearl Jam’s music saved my life on more than one occasion…my favorite band since I was 12 years old and…while yes, I love the band as a whole, I also love me some Eddie Vedder…he’s just as sexy in 2017 a 52 as he was in 1992 at 28…Pink Pop 1992 Eddie Vedder vs Ohana Fest 2017. Long hair clean shaven vs short hair and a salt and pepper beard. Any way you look t it, I love this man…


and this song has just been released recently…for Twin Peaks…on of my all time fave shows…can’t wait for it to come back.


 photo MI0003644417.jpg

I have been a pearl jam fan for 22 years. I heard them when I was 12 for the first time. Daughter was the first song I heard and it was like this feeling I can’t even put into words. I fell in love immediately, with their sound, their lyrics… I was moved for the first time ever by listening to music. The lyrics touched me…they reached into my soul and showed me truth. This band saved my life more than once. I just watched my favorite band be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and I felt so happy and proud and moved to tears. I love these guys and the music and what they stand for…. I am proud to be a Pearl Jam fan and will be until the day I die. congratulations pearl jam and thank you!