My new glasses arrived today…WOOT!!! They are so much more comfortable than those stupid ones I bought at the eye doctor.

 photo IMG_20170313_191420_496.jpg

The ones I’m replacing, are a great design in theory…they are supposed to grip your head instead of having the little piece that goes behind the ear. In theory, that’s awesome! But no matter how much I had them adjusted, they were too loose and would not grip my head and constantly slip down my face, and I think that has been a big contributor to my migraines/headaches.

I’m so damn pissed off with Chyann tonight. I got to leave work early, they were at an appt for her that never happened. I get a call from Jason that she wants to go to Target. 40 fucking minutes later I text and ask if they are coming home, he replies back, yes when she stops wandering. I told him make her stop, with her behavior lately she didn’t even deserve to go there in the first damn place and I want to make and eat dinner sometime this century. So they finally got home while I’m already starting on dinner, and she is pissed off at me. He thought she wanted to buy something at Target, her “reasoning” for going was because she wanted to walk around and get exercise because we made notice of how much weight she has gained because of the lithium she is on and the fact that she eats nothing but garbage and is THE SINGLE LAZIEST FUCKING PERSON ON THE PLANET and does nothing but sit on her ass all the time and throws a fit if you make her do anything else. First of all 7pm on a weeknight is not the time to decide you want to go walk around somewhere for exercise…second Target is not somewhere you go for exercise, you go to the mall and do laps around the perimeter speed walking….leisurely walking around Target looking at shit you WANT is not fucking exercise. So because I made them come home and said she didn’t deserve to go there because of her behavior, she is ignoring me, being pissy and sat herself on the floor on the other side of Jason in the recliner instead of coming and sitting on the couch BY ME…I have really had about enough of this feel sorry for myself pissy bullshit attitude of her’s.

Also, now she is making her homework take WAY FUCKING LONGER than it needs to and I’m ready for bed and don’t get to have Sexy Time with my husband after all…she is doing it ALL ON PURPOSE! I know how she works…and she is the most manipulative self centered little brat I have ever met…she isn’t working on any of her shit…we keep shelling out money to a psychiatrist she isn’t working with on her issues, and she refuses to tell the psych nurse that lithium isn’t working…and she refuses to a god damned thing different. Nothing has changed, since before she went to Trillium, or even since Keyton left…NOT ONE GOD DAMNED THING!

I’m pissed off and going to bed.