Yoga for headaches

So I noticed yesterday that my body has this natural tendency to curl in on itself and tense up. Thus causing me debilitating headaches. I’ve had migraines since I was 8 years old. And I’ve been going to a chiropractor since then, and I’ve been to multiple doctors about it and been referred to numerous neurologists. Those idiots did CT, MRIs and other strange scans of my head and when that all came back normal, I was basically told “I don’t know, you’re SOL.” Yeah, 5 different Neurologists all did the same thing. Finally I’ve been referred to a neurologist who specializes in headaches. She’s trying all kinds of things. She actually has ideas and thoughts on what’s the underlying issue. It’s a relief after 34 years to finally find that.

So aside from things she’s referring me to try, I’m also doing things on my own. I started acupuncture, I changed my diet to gluten free, I’ve started taking supplements that are supposed to help and I began Yoga this morning. I found about 13 yoga poses for headache sufferers. I felt a ton better after I did them this morning. Then I went and worked in the yard for 3 hours and that was exhausting but good, so after I showered, I got on the floor and did the yoga poses again.

Yoga for Headaches – HuffPost

Yoga for Headaches – PopSugar

If you’re a headache sufferer, whether tension or migraine, try those articles. They help. And I’ve always been anti-yoga because I have no balance, or grace…i’m clumsy and fall over when I try to do some of it, but these are all sitting/laying poses. No grace required.

Definitely going to be doing this at least every morning and every night before bed.

I gotta say, I’m an old fashioned kinda person in a lot of ways…and in a quest to solve these headaches, I am finding myself becoming more and more “new agey”. I started acupuncture, I went gluten free and now I’m doing yoga…lol I think it’s pretty funny.

Well, here is something about me that will never change. I love Pearl Jam, I worship at their alter, I bow before them…and I’m gonna go and relax and listen to my boys!
 photo IMG_20170504_215653_740.jpg


Feeling better…

Aside from still having the headache…I feel a lot better. Think I might go take a hot shower before bed…but I think it was like a 24 hour flu bug or something. I just spent a good portion of the day in bed…took some advil for the aches and finally ate a little bit.

Been working on posting some of my creative work. Two poems and a couple fanfics…my CK one and my Vedder one…oh how I love those men…lol

Click the link Musings above if you’re interested!

Been watching Leverage, I needed a good dose of CK. ❤ ❤ ❤


My sleep study has been moved up to a week from today. They had a cancellation. 

I am stoked I don’t have to wait another month anymore! 

Long week…

Been a long ass week.
Sunday I had to drive to Southern Oregon to take Chyann’s sister back to her dad. That was a long ass 5 hours, there and back. I almost fell asleep, I swear!
Monday I had to leave work early because of a migraine.
Tuesday I worked an extra hour to make up time, but was headache free.
Wednesday I woke with another migraine at around 2:30, it was finally gone around 13:00.
Thursday I worked an extra hour and then at home, I went and got dinner last night for Chyann and I at this local mexican place, Tony’s Taco Shop…which I love, and I had a burrito and donuts for dessert(as J had bought a bucket(yes you read that right) of Voodoo Doughnuts)…I was feeling fine when I went to bed, then woke up at 2am sick as hell and spent 30 mins puking my guts out in the bathroom. And I’m not the kind of person who can puke just because they need to…nope, I have to physically stick a finger down my throat and gag myself. Yeah last night was fun!
Today, it is windy AF out and has caused all kinds of problems everywhere. Took me 45 mins to get to work which usually takes 25. I get here and our system is down, internet, and everything we use is internet based, so we are dead in the water. We have no way of tracking anyone, so it finally comes back up at like 10:40 and then lasts about 20 minutes and we lose EVERYTHING, Power, phones, internet, back up generator kicks on but phones are still dead for 20 mins…then it comes back up again…and so far it’s working.
I have to work tomorrow too…to make up time for Monday….BLAH!

BUT…really cool news, I finally caved, and tomorrow after I work, I have my first acupuncture appointment. I am hoping maybe it will bring some relief for these headaches.
My Sleep study PART 2 isn’t until May 25th, and I’m not seeing my headache doctor again until June 5th, kind of frustrated about that because its so damn far away, and I want to talk to my headache doctor about new meds because these aren’t working. I want to see if she can prescribe Benadryl injections for migraine treatment when I get one because at the ER they gave me that and it worked to break one I’d had for 3 days straight.

So Chyann is being treated like an adult now…we’re doing this experiment for the next 3 months and see how things go…so until the 4th of July…at least. She wants to be an adult and make adult type decisions that she really is not prepared for…then she can do that and also make all her other decisions and deal with any consequences that arise on her own. We are out of ideas on how else to get through to her. I mean when you’ve tried everything, literally EVERYTHING and she just won’t get with it, or even act like she gives a shit…then you have to get extreme. One of my drivers said not to feel bad about doing it…it’s just some tough love and sometimes that’s what you have to do. I talk to them a lot. Most of them are good guys.

Yesterday though, one called in ANGRY and left an anon voicemail for the router who routed his route yesterday….to say this vm was colorful is a VAST understatement, it was OUTRIGHT offensive and completely uncalled for because it wasn’t the router’s fault this time. Anyway, The routers came and got me because I talk to the driver’s most often and asked me if I would know the voice from listening to the voicemail and I said probably. And I did….so I had to identify the driver, and I like the guy, but he is a hot head…and what he did was completely inappropriate…even if it had been routing’s fault…(which I will admit, most of the time it is). However, this time there was nothing routed badly, he just got behind so one of his stops wouldn’t take him during their lunch rush and when he went back to that stop he was 3.5 hours behind. This was his own doing though….or from some sort of circumstances which had nothing to do with the way he was routed…he’s going to get written up, most likely suspended and possibly even fired. It’s like really, was it work that?

My MIL, the one I like and get along with sent my daughter and I some little trinkets from a trip to Sedona, AZ with her sister.
I am in love with this ring!
 photo IMG_20170407_074159_955.jpg

Ghostbeads, these are a Navajo tradition, they are believed to protect you from evil spirits.
 photo IMG_20170407_074431_545.jpg

Then I made this today for Foxy Friday, because tom Hardy is THE FOX! You know I love him! hehe And I was bored while the system at work was down…lol
 photo IMG_20170407_132239_371.jpg

And now I have to pee, so I’m gonna go do that…lol

Wreck Me…

So I’ve always had a crush on Tom Hardy…well for years anyway since I first saw him….but I think he just shot to the number one spot on my Hall Pass card…lol I mean HOLY shit…those lips, I could kiss them for days, his smile! Those “come fuck me eyes”, that body! And the fact that that body is covered in ink!!!! He is THE sexiest brit, and I am officially fangirling. OMG! lol

Out of boredom yesterday morning, I posted a pic I found on google of him and Jason Statham, and said someone need to make a movie with both of them TAKE MY MONEY NOW! And that effing pic got 300 likes as of this morning…WTF? lol, I have never gotten that many likes on IG! Insane!
I found a post too, that said “Things I need inside me” and had a pic of chocolate cake, champagne and Tom Hardy…I died! lol I was like forget the chocolate and the bubbly…just give me him! YES PLEASE!

The three Men that I find the most attractive…out of celebs….could not be more different!!!
Left to right: Tom Hardy, Eddie Vedder and Christian Kane…
 photo 20170318_081330.jpg

I slept maybe 2-3 hours last night. I just couldn’t make myself. I was so effing tired, but I couldn’t ass out. I think I am just too antsy in my pantsy about my tattoo tomorrow…hehe but I am so damn tired now…I may have to nap later if my body and mind will let me.

I made the most amazing playlist on my amazon music yesterday…Pop Divas: Pink, Gaga, Miley, Mo(Madonna), Gwen, Britney, Avril, Kesha and Mariah. I wish I had more Miley on it…they only have one album from her on Prime though…yes, I am a grunge queen, and I still love POP DIVAS!!! lol Prince and MJ are two of my faves as well…kissed the ground they walked on!

And I am a HUGE advocate for Miley and Liam…I love them! lol I’m a self proclaimed Hemsworthian, as I freaking adore both brothers(they got the looks, as there is a 3rd Hemsworth boy, the oldest actually, and he is ok…but no where near as beautiful as Chris and Liam….lol) Anywho I love both, and I effing love Miley since she was Hannah(I had to watch it with my daughter) and she is a bit crazy but totally has more talent in her little finger than most of today’s pop girls…like Nikki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande…those three are talentless, auto-tuned twats! lol

I’m not opinionated at all! lol The more you read of my blog, you’ll learn I’m full of opinions and love to share them! lol My mouth often lands me in hot water…has my whole life! lol

OH Speaking of opinions…so I am a BIG Dutch Bros fan…I love them, I have a deal with my hubby that I get to go every Friday on my way to work…well I went yesterday and instead of my usual iced Rebel I decided to try the blended Rebel, so I asked the guy, is it like a slushie?(the pic on the menu looks like a slushie) he says, now imagine this in a stupid flatbiller voice, “No it’s more like a…smoothie…yeah a smoothie.” So I went with it anyway, because I was like no way because there is no milk or fruit in it…So I get it…yeah…it’s a fucking slushie. Dumbass clearly has no idea what a slushie or a smoothie actually is…I love DB but the kids they hire to be their baristas are dumber than a box of hammers…that is ALWAYS my experience… Like if someone told me “Oh I’m a barista at Dutch Bros…” my first thought would be “Oh I’m so sorry you couldn’t get into college…” Yeah that level of stupid! Now I am sure not ALL of them are, but the ones here in Salem ARE! So I tagged them in a post on IG and told them they need to educate their baristas…lol

I also have an actual tentative date for Jeanne to start training with me…March 28th. Hopefully that sticks! lol It could be another week after that…but I am really hoping for the 28th, as I am antsy AF to start my new job and schedule!

So I am so bummed…I wanted to add Ashlee Simpson to my Pop Divas list but she’s not Prime…and you’re probably thinking HA, you just bashed those other three for being auto-tuned hacks and Ashlee was caught lip syncing…lol Yes she was…but she did that(as do a lot of performers sadly, out of nerves and wanting to sound good for a recorded show….but in reality she is very talented…I think even more so than her sister.

So I must re-pierce my nose…see I had it done, but I was out of work and having a hard time landing anything…so I took it out thinking that might help, and then I got the call to be a temp at my job now and found out they’re ok with ink and piercings…but it was too late to get it back in…an now I really miss it and want it back…. 😦 It was so cute on me…especially the little silver ring…I had my lip pierced briefly too, a reverse labret, but it wouldn’t heal so I took it out…It was sad, because it was sexy AF too…lol I’ve tried to have my cartilage on my ear done twice, but it won’t heal either. My nose didn’t heal the first time I did it when I was like 25, but the second time I was told the proper way to care for it…she knew her shit…the first guy he also did my kitty cross bones tattoo…and he was a total fucking tool…I always told people not to go to him. He was a moron and had WAY too big of an ego and thought his work was the best…it was mediocre…I’m not happy with that tattoo and am considering a cover up…at the very least having something better done to it…it’s shit! lol OH and I just went on yelp and shared my OPINION of him!!! lol I’m kind of a bitch! haha

Anywho I gotta get ready for the Chiro…shower and all that jazz….


I am up way to goddamned early!!! I woke up at 5:30 having to pee and with another headache. I took some excedrin and laid back down and tried to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful. I did rub my muscles out though and the headache is gone, but rubbing and stretching my muscles seems to have made me very nauseous. I tried to eat a bowl of cereal, I might have gotten halfway through but it’s making me more sick to my stomach because it’s too sweet, and it’s not even that sweet! So I am up way too early, with nothing to do, because I don’t have to be at work for 3 hours, and so here I am.

I’m going to cease wearing make up to work until I get these headaches figured out because yesterday I wore make up and I had to go wash it off in the bathroom with shitty hand soap…yeah try getting waterproof eye liner and mascara off with that shit…it wasn’t easy. I looked like a raccoon for a good 10 minutes before I was able to get it all off. The soap dried out my face too. So yeah no more make up until I got this shit under control! Which is sd because I love my make up….lol

But after I washed my face, I put eye drops in and took a couple puffs off my inhaler, and then I put keys away, and all that combined seemed to help my neck and shoulders relax. See to put keys away I am standing for an extended amount of time which means up right, good posture, shoulders back, but not tensed. So it helped and the inhaler relaxed my chest. So I am kinda wondering if my asthma is worsening with this shit.

Last night I was trying to talk to my bestie…but it got frustrating, and I was like WTF? Then she tells me “I’ve been drinking” *insert eyeroll* Thanks for the warning. I told her next time let me know in advance and I won’t text you. I don’t do well with drunk people anymore. They are no longer my brethren. I don’t drink. For multiple reasons. A) It all gives me a migraine. B) I got really sick off Whiskey and have had two drinks in the years since because the look and smell of alcohol just turns my stomach(I can’t even look at a bottle of Whiskey anymore without nearly vomiting.). C) I just don’t like the feeling of being drunk anymore. So being totally sober and dealing with drunk people in person or just via text is frustrating as fuck, and I’m like…good lord, was I like that? lol My hubby drinks, but only a little, and he never gets drunk…maybe a smidge tipsy…but that’s it. Never once have I seen him drunk. Probably because of his size and everything, it would take A LOT for him to actually get drunk. Plus he is a commercial driver so he can’t drink very often, or it wouldn’t have time to get out of his system before he had to drive and he is very serious about not risking his CDL, because that’s what takes care of us…along with my job…lol

So Kevin told me yesterday that Jeanne might be starting next week. It depends on if the front desk replacement feels trained and ready to be on her own. Then will start training her for my position, I will train her how to do the tracking, and late route notifications, as well as the layover tracking. Also putting away keys and prepping them for the next day. And MAYBE teach her how to check in backhauls so we have some more help with that. And I will show her some of how to help and assist drivers with scanners/printers and how to help when they call and how to support the supervisors when they need it. I will however, remain the keymaster, and in charge of that aspect of the key room, because too many hands in the pot creates a mess, and I’ve been training on keys for 2 years. But I will begin doing things other than all that…in safety and being a liaison between drivers and HR for FMLA, Workers Comp, disability…etc. And who knows what else. 🙂 Also Kevin told me they are going to expend the area where our admins sit and put a desk in there for me. It’s in the Ops office, but not in the key room. So I will join everyone else even more and have my own desk I don’t have to share with anyone anymore. So I can finally decorate it with pics and stuff. WOOT!

2 days until my tattoos. I am so excited, I can’t contain myself…lol
(wanted to post the pic I used for my IG countdown today, but photobucket is a POS)
I used the cover of the director’s cut of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”…I’m being creative with my countdown.
10 – Tenth Doctor(my fave)
9 – the movie Nine poster
8 – Lane Frost(he was a bull rider, and they have to stay on the bull for 8 seconds)
7 – Rule #7 by CK
6 – Six from Blossom
5 – Party of Five cast
4 – the 4 pics of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol
3 – Three’s Company Cast
2 – Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
……….have to wait and see what the next two pics are, and yes I already have 1 picked out and Tattoo Day picked out. lol
I am so antsy in my pantsy for Sunday to get here! One of my hostlers/shuttle drivers, Roger, asked me yesterday if I had any big plans for the weekend, and I said I am getting new tattoos this weekend. :-p Then I got to tell him of what…lol

Just realized some of this post is a repeat from yesterday…lol OH WELL. I guess I just couldn’t remember because of how shitty I felt when I wrote it.

If you like either of these music genres or not(country/folk) you have to listen to these two songs to know what Portland Oregon is like…these are two of my all time fave songs:
Portland, OR by Loretta Lynn and Jack White

September in Seattle by Shawn Mullins

I want the line: Portland is a small town with a bitter city smile. as a tattoo.

Those two songs are love! lol

PHOTOBUCKET is pissing me off…two days now I can’t upload photos. So I can’t share any here or on the PJ forum…and their site help says they’re working on it. Really? You can’t figure out why it is auto logging people off when they click upload???? Seriously Photobucket, get your shit together!

EDIT: because this song just came on iTunes and YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT! It’s EPIC. Steve Carlson did this song for a Funny or Die entry. I really don’t know how he was ever able to film this and sing it without dying laughing all the way through…

Losing my religion…

Woke up with another damn migraine. But luckily, the Amerge, a hot shower and breakfast got rid of it.

I re-bleached my hair this morning too. I am officially PLATINUM!

Went and bought a neck supporting memory foam pillow today and am hoping that will help some with the neck pain and headaches.

Bought new manicuring tools also, my cuticles were ragged. My old kit was in a make-up bag and Pearl Piggy chewed it up and the tools vanished I guess because the move happened, so I have no idea…My cuticles feel much better.

Went to Minto Brown Park for Chyann to take some photos for her photography class.

Watching Supernatural. It was just revealed that Chuck is God(I actually knew that several seasons back…) If you were paying attention you would have picked up on that.

As for God….I’ve been wanting to talk about this…

I was raised Christian, baptised, went to church, the whole bit. I don’t feel like in the last several years he is there…he is listening. I kinda feel like he’s vanished…just like in SPN and left all of his children to rot. I don’t know if it’s doubt in his existence, or just a feeling of abandonment. I’ve prayed hard. In the last year and a half, harder than I ever have…and felt nothing, no comforting, no help, not like I was being listened to, or that he cared.

So now I feel indifferent towards him. I don’t care if he is real or not anymore. I’m going to live my life the way I always have and be me…my faith will be with myself, my husband and my child(ren) and my friends. Fuck higher beings…fuck fairy tales, fuck it.

Wow…how Dean is talking to “Chuck” right now, is exactly how I feel.

Sam: Okay. So, wow, um, Chuck – [Chuckles] Well, I guess we don’t call you that, huh?
Chuck: I prefer it.
Sam: Okay, uh, “Chuck” it is. [Sighs] I’m sorry. You’re gonna have to, uh, give Dean and me a moment to start to process. We didn’t even know you were around. I mean, we knew about Chuck, but we just didn’t know about… Chuck. I mean, I-I-I was hoping you were around. I-I-I prayed and I- but I don’t know if they got, uh, lost in the spam or if—
Dean: Sam?
Sam: Yeah?
Dean: Babbling.
Sam: Okay.

Chuck: I’m getting that not everyone’s totally on board.
Dean: Here’s the thing, um…Chuck… And I mean no disrespect. Um… I’m guessing you came back to help with the Darkness, and that’s great. That’s, you know – It’s fantastic. Um, but you’ve been gone a – a… long, long time. And there’s so much crap that has gone down on the Earth for thousands of years. I mean, plagues and wars, slaughters. And you were, I don’t know, writing books, going to fan conventions. Were you even aware, o-or did you just tune it out?
Chuck: I was aware, Dean.
Dean: But you did nothing. And, again, I-I’m not trying to piss you off. You know, I don’t want to turn into a pillar of salt.
Chuck: I actually… didn’t do that.
Dean: Okay. People – People pray to you. People build churches for you. They fight wars in your name, and you did nothing.

Chuck: You’re frustrated. I get it. Believe me, I was hands-on – Real hands-on for, wow, ages. I was so sure if I kept stepping in, teaching, punishing, that these beautiful creatures that I created… would grow up. But it only stayed the same. And I saw that I needed to step away and let my baby find its way. Being overinvolved is no longer parenting. [Sighs] It’s enabling.
Dean: But it didn’t get better.
Chuck: Well, I’ve been mulling it over. And from where I sit, I think it has.
Dean: Well, from where I sit, it feels like you left us and you’re trying to justify it.
Chuck: I know you had a complicated upbringing, Dean, but don’t confuse me with your dad.

That pretty much sums it up…