Finished Ink…

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So happy with them!!!



So yesterday, Kevin came in and asks me, “Does Desirae have a cabinet in here?” I said Yup, he asked, “is it locked?” I said Nope. He said find a box and pack her stuff up and take it to the front desk.

HE MADE MY FUCKING DAY!!! I was doing a happy dance the rest of the day…it was awesome. hehe BITCH IS GONE!!! And they are instead filling the night time position with one of our drivers and he will do what Kyle used to do, which is what she was supposed to be doing as well as Tractor/Trailer assignments…and other night time stuff. And I think that the one they chose is a good fit!

I’m still however waiting for my replacement to start so I can train her and move into my new spot….

9 days until new ink!!! I can’t wait, single digits now!!!

On IG today I had to block 2 tattoo pages for bashing me on my own posts, saying my CK lyrics tattoo is tacky. One of them is actually a tattoo artist and his shit was amateur at best! I had some asshat bash my bipolar tattoo before too saying it looked like shit and was a stupid reason to get a tattoo because being bipolar isn’t something to be proud of or flaunt. I was like FUCK YOU! I’m proud of battling this fucking thing every day and I flaunt it so I can spread awareness and educate people so why don’t you get off your high fucking horse and drop dead! I mean really, has no one ever taught these people that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all? I mean sure we all say mean or bad things sometimes, but if you’re just outright going to bash something someone is displaying proudly then why don’t you just keep your goddamn comments to yourself. I mean a tattoo of something cliche for no reason at all is fantastic…but how dare someone actually put thought and stories behind their ink. You know opinions are like assholes, everyone has them, but they don’t need to be on display.

I do need some touch ups on some of my ink though….but unfortunately Joanne doesn’t work on Sundays, or I would hit her up while I’m there for this upcoming appointment.

Listening to PJ….I’m so fucking tired I could sleep for days! lol

Found out this morning that a coworker up in customer service lost her daughter yesterday to a fatal car accident. Kay brought a card down for everyone to sign, I quoted my favorite song about loss, Light Years by Pearl Jam.
“We were but stones, your light made us stars…” Cherish the light she brought to your life. Love and Prayers, Mandy