Been a little while…

So a bunch of crap going on with my daughter still.

Found out my Pearl Piggy, my ACD, is deaf. She is my little love! We are going to start working with hand signals to train her. We kinda thought she just didn’t inherit the Heeler intelligence because she is a mix. And I told some people that and that we thought that because after 2 years she didn’t know her name still. They suggested she might be deaf. That thought had never even crossed our minds, because she reacts to things. But we discovered after watching her, she reacts when she sees Autzen, our other dog react, or because she can feel a vibration, such as the vibration when one of our cars pulls up in the driveway. so the vet did some tests yesterday and said her ears flinched but there was no other reaction so he thinks she can hear some frequency but most likely is nearly completely deaf. Someone else told me she needs to be BAER tested, but that really only determines just HOW deaf she is…we already know she is deaf…and it makes so much sense now why she has been so hard to train. I feel the BAER test would just be a waste of money. I don’t really care HOW deaf she is, I just know she is deaf.


And I got my Pearl Jam tattoo completed. I added Stickman to my three crooked hearts. ❤


More Than I Deserve…

My hubby is definitely more than I deserve, and I love him more than anything. Sometimes I am afraid he’ll wake up one day and realize that he is more than I deserve…and that’s a scary thought. I don’t *really* think that’s going to happen, but sometimes the thought crosses my mind. I didn’t write this, Christian Kane did…and if I recall correctly it was with Steve Carlson…but either way, every time I hear this song…I just think of the fact that, my hubby is more than I deserve and this song is so accurate…

Livin’ with me, it ain’t easy
But I do it every day
Sometimes even now
I wanna run away
But there you are
You’re tryin’ to please me
Yeah you stand your ground
It’s more than I deserve

I’ve taken more than I’ve been givin’
I’ve taken for granted this life I’m livin’
I don’t know why heaven above
Blessed me with your sweet love
Though I never tell you what you’re worth
It’s more than I deserve

I love my husband more than anything, and I hope he does know that. I do tell him, but I hope he knows it’s true and honest and I’m not just saying it because that’s what you do…


On another note, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there…whether I know you or not, thank you for all that you do for your children.

This is a four generations picture, my mamaw on my left(right of the photo), my mom on my right(left of the photo), myself(center), and my baby girl in front of me. It was a nice day with family. ❤ ❤ ❤




Yoü And I

So while the video is completely fucked up and honestly makes no sense with the song…this is my favorite Lady Gaga song…I effing love it!

It’s honestly to me, such an incredible song. And ignore the video, and listen to the lyrics…it’s a pure love song. That’s what I love about it.

Current Mood:

I feel good today, but I don’t feel like being at work…I feel like doing something fun…being out in the sun and warmth. Instead, I’m stuck in an office that is freezing and doesn’t even have any goddamned windows.


See that featured image…yeah that’s where I wanna be! Cannon Beach, the best damn place on earth!

I need a beach trip!!!

Hair hair hair…

So I am bored already with my hair…the style anyway…so I am going to grow it up to this adorable and fun a-line bob…

 photo IMG_20170501_141737_704.jpg

I am staying platinum blonde though, because that looks best on me with how my hair is and my skin tone and green eyes.

I’m excited. But it’s going to take some time because of the shaved parts of my head…lol But I love it, it’s still punky and fun and wild.

I have cheered myself up since my earlier rant by looking at Gifs of Eddie Vedder. I can’t get enough. He is the single MOST beautiful man on earth. I could eat him with a spoon! Anyway, enough…I need to get to bed…my head is starting to hurt…

Good night, Moon….

A Katie girl…


Katie Girl
An unusual, difficult, wild, crazy, passionate woman whom men don’t choose over less interesting and less difficult women.

I was born a Katie girl…I will die a Katie girl.

And I found a man who chose me, in spite of that.


The brave men are out there…the ones willing to take on a Katie girl…