Been a little while…

So a bunch of crap going on with my daughter still.

Found out my Pearl Piggy, my ACD, is deaf. She is my little love! We are going to start working with hand signals to train her. We kinda thought she just didn’t inherit the Heeler intelligence because she is a mix. And I told some people that and that we thought that because after 2 years she didn’t know her name still. They suggested she might be deaf. That thought had never even crossed our minds, because she reacts to things. But we discovered after watching her, she reacts when she sees Autzen, our other dog react, or because she can feel a vibration, such as the vibration when one of our cars pulls up in the driveway. so the vet did some tests yesterday and said her ears flinched but there was no other reaction so he thinks she can hear some frequency but most likely is nearly completely deaf. Someone else told me she needs to be BAER tested, but that really only determines just HOW deaf she is…we already know she is deaf…and it makes so much sense now why she has been so hard to train. I feel the BAER test would just be a waste of money. I don’t really care HOW deaf she is, I just know she is deaf.


And I got my Pearl Jam tattoo completed. I added Stickman to my three crooked hearts. ❤


YouTube made sure I saw this gem…

Apparently I must watch a lot of Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder videos on YouTube…who knew? lol So I got a notification to my phone for this video…I watched it 3 times and laughed so goddamned hard I went into an asthmatic coughing fit…lol


Thank you YouTube!!!

I shared it with my daughter because she had to know what was so funny and then when she had stopped laughing her ass off, I said, “My view of Eddie has been shattered, he is just as big of an idiot as your dad!” lol But in reality, I love him to death and my view couldn’t be shattered, I was just introduced to another facet of his silly side.

I had to pass this gem on for everyone else…lol


On a side note, I strained the bejesus out of my left thumb and the pain is throbbing all the way up my arm. I was holding a heavy basket of keys at work, and I think that’s what strained it…the way I was holding them. So, of course, I’m dying…lol

Current Mood:

I feel good today, but I don’t feel like being at work…I feel like doing something fun…being out in the sun and warmth. Instead, I’m stuck in an office that is freezing and doesn’t even have any goddamned windows.


See that featured image…yeah that’s where I wanna be! Cannon Beach, the best damn place on earth!

I need a beach trip!!!

Yoga for headaches

So I noticed yesterday that my body has this natural tendency to curl in on itself and tense up. Thus causing me debilitating headaches. I’ve had migraines since I was 8 years old. And I’ve been going to a chiropractor since then, and I’ve been to multiple doctors about it and been referred to numerous neurologists. Those idiots did CT, MRIs and other strange scans of my head and when that all came back normal, I was basically told “I don’t know, you’re SOL.” Yeah, 5 different Neurologists all did the same thing. Finally I’ve been referred to a neurologist who specializes in headaches. She’s trying all kinds of things. She actually has ideas and thoughts on what’s the underlying issue. It’s a relief after 34 years to finally find that.

So aside from things she’s referring me to try, I’m also doing things on my own. I started acupuncture, I changed my diet to gluten free, I’ve started taking supplements that are supposed to help and I began Yoga this morning. I found about 13 yoga poses for headache sufferers. I felt a ton better after I did them this morning. Then I went and worked in the yard for 3 hours and that was exhausting but good, so after I showered, I got on the floor and did the yoga poses again.

Yoga for Headaches – HuffPost

Yoga for Headaches – PopSugar

If you’re a headache sufferer, whether tension or migraine, try those articles. They help. And I’ve always been anti-yoga because I have no balance, or grace…i’m clumsy and fall over when I try to do some of it, but these are all sitting/laying poses. No grace required.

Definitely going to be doing this at least every morning and every night before bed.

I gotta say, I’m an old fashioned kinda person in a lot of ways…and in a quest to solve these headaches, I am finding myself becoming more and more “new agey”. I started acupuncture, I went gluten free and now I’m doing yoga…lol I think it’s pretty funny.

Well, here is something about me that will never change. I love Pearl Jam, I worship at their alter, I bow before them…and I’m gonna go and relax and listen to my boys!
 photo IMG_20170504_215653_740.jpg

It doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this…

This man is my savior…Pearl Jam’s music saved my life on more than one occasion…my favorite band since I was 12 years old and…while yes, I love the band as a whole, I also love me some Eddie Vedder…he’s just as sexy in 2017 a 52 as he was in 1992 at 28…Pink Pop 1992 Eddie Vedder vs Ohana Fest 2017. Long hair clean shaven vs short hair and a salt and pepper beard. Any way you look t it, I love this man…


and this song has just been released recently…for Twin Peaks…on of my all time fave shows…can’t wait for it to come back.