Been a little while…

So a bunch of crap going on with my daughter still.

Found out my Pearl Piggy, my ACD, is deaf. She is my little love! We are going to start working with hand signals to train her. We kinda thought she just didn’t inherit the Heeler intelligence because she is a mix. And I told some people that and that we thought that because after 2 years she didn’t know her name still. They suggested she might be deaf. That thought had never even crossed our minds, because she reacts to things. But we discovered after watching her, she reacts when she sees Autzen, our other dog react, or because she can feel a vibration, such as the vibration when one of our cars pulls up in the driveway. so the vet did some tests yesterday and said her ears flinched but there was no other reaction so he thinks she can hear some frequency but most likely is nearly completely deaf. Someone else told me she needs to be BAER tested, but that really only determines just HOW deaf she is…we already know she is deaf…and it makes so much sense now why she has been so hard to train. I feel the BAER test would just be a waste of money. I don’t really care HOW deaf she is, I just know she is deaf.


And I got my Pearl Jam tattoo completed. I added Stickman to my three crooked hearts. ❤



Miss Piggy…

This dog is my muse! Lol I love her so much. She helped heal my heart after I lost my Tabby Lu.

 photo IMG_20170122_112520_700.jpg

This is a pic of my beloved Tabby Lu. She was a wonderful little Maine Coon who adopted me at the shelter. I stopped walking around and she stood tall and stretched up my leg with a little meow that said “pick me pick me!” and I did. She was my best friend for a wonderful 10 years and I was so blessed to be her hooman!

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My puppy got a feature…

So I subscribe to barkpost’s daily newsletter. I replied to the email on Monday because the featured dog was just like my Pearl Piggy… So I said that and sent an adorable pic of her. I got today’s email and she was featured in it. A special on dogs with their tongues out. Lol

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