My new glasses arrived today…WOOT!!! They are so much more comfortable than those stupid ones I bought at the eye doctor.

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The ones I’m replacing, are a great design in theory…they are supposed to grip your head instead of having the little piece that goes behind the ear. In theory, that’s awesome! But no matter how much I had them adjusted, they were too loose and would not grip my head and constantly slip down my face, and I think that has been a big contributor to my migraines/headaches.

I’m so damn pissed off with Chyann tonight. I got to leave work early, they were at an appt for her that never happened. I get a call from Jason that she wants to go to Target. 40 fucking minutes later I text and ask if they are coming home, he replies back, yes when she stops wandering. I told him make her stop, with her behavior lately she didn’t even deserve to go there in the first damn place and I want to make and eat dinner sometime this century. So they finally got home while I’m already starting on dinner, and she is pissed off at me. He thought she wanted to buy something at Target, her “reasoning” for going was because she wanted to walk around and get exercise because we made notice of how much weight she has gained because of the lithium she is on and the fact that she eats nothing but garbage and is THE SINGLE LAZIEST FUCKING PERSON ON THE PLANET and does nothing but sit on her ass all the time and throws a fit if you make her do anything else. First of all 7pm on a weeknight is not the time to decide you want to go walk around somewhere for exercise…second Target is not somewhere you go for exercise, you go to the mall and do laps around the perimeter speed walking….leisurely walking around Target looking at shit you WANT is not fucking exercise. So because I made them come home and said she didn’t deserve to go there because of her behavior, she is ignoring me, being pissy and sat herself on the floor on the other side of Jason in the recliner instead of coming and sitting on the couch BY ME…I have really had about enough of this feel sorry for myself pissy bullshit attitude of her’s.

Also, now she is making her homework take WAY FUCKING LONGER than it needs to and I’m ready for bed and don’t get to have Sexy Time with my husband after all…she is doing it ALL ON PURPOSE! I know how she works…and she is the most manipulative self centered little brat I have ever met…she isn’t working on any of her shit…we keep shelling out money to a psychiatrist she isn’t working with on her issues, and she refuses to tell the psych nurse that lithium isn’t working…and she refuses to a god damned thing different. Nothing has changed, since before she went to Trillium, or even since Keyton left…NOT ONE GOD DAMNED THING!

I’m pissed off and going to bed.


The shit hath hiteth the fan…eth

This is Bailey! She is our friend’s black lab, she is 9 years old and sooooo sweet! We are dog-sitting for the week. I told them last time, that I was keeping her, she is such a baby doll! lol
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I think my hubby and I have the same thing…we are both sick and feel like “hot garbage” as he puts it. My throat is scratchy, and I’m a little achey. He is feeling even worse than me though. Hopefully I don’t get worse…

Work was actually, surprisingly, not so bad today. Only a few late routes and one issue that a driver called about. That is unusual for the way the past month and a half have been. With the stupid weather, snow and ice and the holidays and then the new bids going into effect. So it was a nice reprieve.

Chyann turned in an “essay” to her teacher on connections, and it’s a joke…she didn’t write paragraphs, she spaced down for every sentence, she center aligned it. She didn’t fix any of the things her teacher marked from the first draft. It was supposed to be MLA format…I see “Chyann format”…she did it the way she wanted and didn’t give a shit. She didn’t bother to ask for help…OMG, Jason is correcting it right now. And she is giving her same pissy attitude she always gives because we are telling her she was wrong. I made her shut the damn TV off. I am so sick of being talked to the way she talks to us. If I had talked to my mother that way I would have been popped in the mouth. In fact on more than one occasion that did happen. She has no respect for anyone. I am so sick of her bullshit. She is angry at her biological mother and translates to being a horrid person to everyone all the time.

I know what it’s like to be abandoned by a parent, but I never acted anything like her because of the anger I grew up with towards my father. I wasn’t disrespectful to my parents, I didn’t treat people like they were stupid or their feelings didn’t matter…she does. She doesn’t really care about anyone, she just sucks up and says her “I love you mommy” or “I love you daddy” when she thinks it will get her something. She is a manipulative, angry, self absorbed little bitch! I know she has problems, but OMG, she is not willing to work on them. She doesn’t really think she needs help or that there is anything wrong with the way she behaves. She’s right, we’re wrong, she knows everything, we are stupid. And yes, I know some of that is typical teenage attitude, but mixed with all her other bullshit, it gets old really fucking fast!

I am so over dealing with her. She doesn’t care about me or my feelings, she treats me like I’m trash, but she expects me to kiss the fucking ground she walks on…not fucking happening, I’m done playing nice.

God, I am in a bad fucking mood now.

I don’t know how I’m as fucking “balanced” as I am with all the crap my family put me through, all the shit that happened outside my family, growing up with the kind of mother I did, growing up without a father, high school shit, ex boyfriend shit, and now her shit for the past three years, and that compounded with Keyton and his baggage, Jason and I fighting all the time because of the stress we’re both under with all this shit and our jobs. He and I both feel like the other doesn’t care…I said not so long ago I feel like she and he would be just as happy if I wasn’t around. I don’t know about him, but I am firm in that opinion of Chyann, she would be happier with just her dad, no me and no Keyton. She makes that clear in the way she treats me and talks to me.

She doesn’t want to get better, she doesn’t care about doing good in school…she is acting like this connections academy isn’t really shool and it doesn’t count…I’m sorry but yes, she is getting graded. It’s just as real as going to an actual school.

Seriously though, it’s bullshit and I’m sick of being screamed at by my teenage daughter…tired of being treated like shit, lied to, tricked, manipulated to see what she wants us to see instead of what it really going on(ie her sneaking out on a regular basis)…it’s all fucking total bullshit…I’m so sick of it, I am pissed and right now this is my feeling toward her…
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She can’t handle anything not going right or her way, she gets pissed off and storms around stomping her feet. It’s like she is throwing a 2 year old tantrum. She’s 15…you get how terrible this is? She turns mole hills into mountains. She literally broke down into tears over a pencil breaking while she was drawing the other day. She dropped her lipgloss on the carpet at Trillium when she was still there, (mind you I spent 5 bucks buying her a Stitch Tsum Tsum lip smacker) and she was ready to throw it away. She had it for about 45 minutes at this point…it was the end of the fucking world…complete and total mental breakdown over dropping lipgloss which could be washed or rinsed off. Seriously?

Its all this shit, her attitude, her mouth, her behavior, the way she treats us(Jason and Me as well as Keyton). She makes it clear she hates Keyton. She said outloud, “He’s not family.” she is mean to him. Yes he is awnry and naughty towards her, but he is 6, she is 15, she knows better. If he’s not family, then neither am I. And I’m just about at my breaking point with her. I really need to talk to him about this.

I have to go get Keyton in bed…