Got a suggestion for a place called Ace of Fades here in Salem. I love it!!!


kinda having a tantrum right now…

So I got my hair where I want it basically, but my hair doesn’t do the same as her’s(in the pic i used), because it’s not thick and full. I was not blessed with amazing hair! It effing sucks! I hate it. Absolutely 100% fucking pissed off about it! Ruby Rose and me….


Then, my daughter wanted an undercut, so I gave her one, because I’m not ridiculous like my mother was, she never let me do the fun crazy stuff with my hair when I was a kid, manic panic and undercuts and all that stuff. It sucked major. So I vowed to never be that way, whatever my kid wants to do with her hair, I don’t care because it’s hair and it grows back and you can change the color…so I gave her the undercut she wanted and it turned out great, and I honestly haven’t seen my daughter this happy in a long ass time.


She wants to re-dye it today so we will go to the store and get her some hair dye. Not sure what color she wants to do though.

And I really want a design in my hair, but I can’t do it to myself, and that sucks ass too. lol And I don’t have any hair stylist friends, or even a hair stylist in Salem, because I’ve been doing my own hair for the last 6 years.

I want this, but instead of the heart beat line, I want those waves that are in the tattoo…because PEARL JAM!

But I wouldn’t even know where to go to have this done… 😦

/end rant.

Hair hair hair…

So I am bored already with my hair…the style anyway…so I am going to grow it up to this adorable and fun a-line bob…

 photo IMG_20170501_141737_704.jpg

I am staying platinum blonde though, because that looks best on me with how my hair is and my skin tone and green eyes.

I’m excited. But it’s going to take some time because of the shaved parts of my head…lol But I love it, it’s still punky and fun and wild.

I have cheered myself up since my earlier rant by looking at Gifs of Eddie Vedder. I can’t get enough. He is the single MOST beautiful man on earth. I could eat him with a spoon! Anyway, enough…I need to get to bed…my head is starting to hurt…

Good night, Moon….