Hair hair hair…

So I am bored already with my hair…the style anyway…so I am going to grow it up to this adorable and fun a-line bob…

 photo IMG_20170501_141737_704.jpg

I am staying platinum blonde though, because that looks best on me with how my hair is and my skin tone and green eyes.

I’m excited. But it’s going to take some time because of the shaved parts of my head…lol But I love it, it’s still punky and fun and wild.

I have cheered myself up since my earlier rant by looking at Gifs of Eddie Vedder. I can’t get enough. He is the single MOST beautiful man on earth. I could eat him with a spoon! Anyway, enough…I need to get to bed…my head is starting to hurt…

Good night, Moon….


A Katie girl…


Katie Girl
An unusual, difficult, wild, crazy, passionate woman whom men don’t choose over less interesting and less difficult women.

I was born a Katie girl…I will die a Katie girl.

And I found a man who chose me, in spite of that.


The brave men are out there…the ones willing to take on a Katie girl…