Total Solar Eclipse 2017

And I had to fucking work, granted I got to watch it, but my husband and daughter got to go to an event. The Keizer Volcanoes(the minor league baseball team) held a special game, and it was a whole event. And I am so pissed off about the fact that they got to have fun, TOGETHER, and I had to work and only got to spend 15 minutes watching for it and as soon as it was over I had to go back in and work. I’m mad about the fact that I didn’t get to experience a once in a lifetime kind of event with my family. A shit-ton of companies shut down for the eclipse, and mine should have. I feel jipped, and I am in such a bad mood that I feel like crying.



FINALLY I got the details…just shortly after posting to FB about how I was so frustrated I was near tears…yup it was not a good Monday morning.

so tomorrow I start 7-3 and this will be my new schedule unless they discover any conflicts but I don’t think it will be an issue. And I start training with Daniel on backhauls tomorrow for the next two weeks, and when Tommy gets back from Vacation on the 24th, I will train with him on Safety admin.


It’s only taken over 3 freaking months, but FINALLY!!!! So I can stop being stressed over it.


And after training with Daniel…I will be getting my own desk…I will get to take over his. 🙂 Finally my own space that I don’t think I will have to share…but I might still have to share it with Daniel…since he’ll be a night shift supervisor….I’m not sure. We shall see. But that won’t be so bad, because he’s clean and doesn’t even have any decor at his desk. lol

Bored stiff

I have been training my replacement for my current job/duties at work and she is doing really well so I am kinda just sitting here getting paid to look over her shoulder and play on my phone. Because I don’t have a computer now she has what was mine. I asked my supervisor about that and he said he would check on getting my computer… I told him she is doing really well and I am really bored. Lol I feel bad, too, because I am not making much of a contribution right now. And the day is going by so slowly. 

My allergies kicked in on Monday and got to be awful. The worst attack I have had in probably 12 years. My nose and my right eye are just running. I haven’t even been ablebto wear make up to work this week because of my eye. Its a little better today, but yesterday was the most miserable day. 

I bought new clothes and shoes this last weekend. I got leggings… I am never wearing real pants again! Lol

I hope everyone had a: 

I am sleepy now because I had a headache and took some benadryl for it. I am still shocked how well that works. I wish I had known that years ago. I would rather be sleepy than have a pounding headache! 

Cant wait for my new schedule to start! 

Oh and I made this the other day. These guys are my top 5… they are my “hall pass” list… my hubby and I each have one. Not that we really would… but its funny. Left to right, in case you don’t know all of them: Tom Hardy, Christian Kane, Eddie Vedder, Jensen Ackles and Chris Hemsworth. Yummy! Lol

Alrighty, I guess that’s it for now… 

Don’t be so infantile… 

So I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I had a favorite driver at work. He was my favorite because he would joke with me and when he would come in he would always say to the other drivers at check in… “you know, I’m her favorite!” and he was adorable. He was my favorite for his silliness and jokes. I never told him he was my favorite… he came up with that on his own. Well about two months ago, I was having a conversation with my coworker and he interjected himself into the convo. I argued with his view on events because we both know the person and from a fellow truck drivers perspective it went one way and from administrations perspective it went another and technically we are both right. But apparently its not OK to disagree with him. He hasn’t spoken to me since that day.

This week I started training my replacement because I am starting a job in the department with different duties. Today when she checked him in, he talked to her. And that upset me. Not on her part… but on his. But I sure as hell wouldn’t let him know it. He wants to be an asshole, he can be… but I will not let him see that I am bothered by it. 

On Tuesday, when I introduced her to him… I said, “this is ___, he no longer speaks to me.” he didn’t say a damn thing to that. 

If he is wants to be an asshat, he can expect it right back and I will do the bare minimum of my job as it pertains to him and I will not be nice about it. 

Today’s Mantra

“You have a three day weekend, you have a three day weekend, you have a three day weekend!!!”

Just keep repeating that over and over, because I am not having a good day. Driver’s are making me want to scream.

2 breakdowns and one driver answered to say he’d let me know when he was done with his own route…and he’s sick, and has been since last week and still isn’t feeling good, and so I feel really bad about even asking him. He’s off the hook we sent a new driver to help the one guy and the other guy…I told him I couldn’t get the driver he asked me to reach and he wasn’t surprised…and really neither was I because that guy is an ass!

Anyway, I am so over this day!

Current Mood:

I feel good today, but I don’t feel like being at work…I feel like doing something fun…being out in the sun and warmth. Instead, I’m stuck in an office that is freezing and doesn’t even have any goddamned windows.


See that featured image…yeah that’s where I wanna be! Cannon Beach, the best damn place on earth!

I need a beach trip!!!

Shitty day…

It was a crazy ass busy day at work, and we had all kinds of issues and I had to tend to a lot of them on my own…and my phone didn’t stop ringing. So one of the issues, a missing key, which should have only taken me about 30-45 minutes to search for took me an hour and a half because I would get through about 10 keys and my phone would ring again. It was a shit show…

On top of already having a bad day, my favorite driver was not very nice to me today. He left his key in the truck and I asked him if he was going to go and get it and he said “tomorrow” I said “No I need it back, in case it has to go out tonight.” That made him mad, he did go get it, but then he threw it across the counter into the key room and walked out. I mean I know he had a bad day, but I was joking with him when he came in, and he was not nice to me at all. It really bothered me, because I bust my ass to help them. In my current position, that’s my main job is to assist them in anyway I can…I help with scanner/printer problems, I help with E-log problems, I answer other questions, I get them help when they get behind for whatever reason. I make sure info is always correct and updated for them so they get the right keys they need…plus tons of other things that arise…so when one of them is not very nice to me, I do take offense. Especially because he’s my favorite driver…and he knows it. He really hurt my feelings today by being such a jackass. It’s just like, don’t shit on me because you had a bad day…I’m your ally!

And I’m overly emotional lately because I have completely gotten off of the antidepressant I was taking and now I’m just on a mood stabilizer.

Anyway, I’m done venting I’m going to go work on my story and maybe read.